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Tutorial #1

Since people keep askin for this kind of colouring i finally decided to make a tut! :)

Just ask u do not usin this tut for every single icon cos its kinda boring to see the same coloring everywhere ;)

ok i thought this icon is ok for a tutorial...so GO

from this to

PS. Actually its a bit differ from the icon in my entry before but i never save psd files (and im not icon robot lol)...anyway

ok so what u have to do is:

1) take your base and do what u always do - crop, resize, sharpen icon (btw just a hint...i reduce my cropped image to 300px, then sharpen once and only then i reduce to 100px ...its just make 100x100 pic looks way better then u will sharpen already resized pic ...but its all up to you and besides for some pix this way cant work out)

2) so u have something like this now

then just lets say copy this base twice and set both layers to screen (the second one with 25% opacity):

3) ok finally lets get to coloring
Actually its really simple but i must say it looks good ;) So go to Layer-->New Layer Adjustment-->Selective color ...here are the options:

Blue -100
Yellow +30

Blue -75
Yellow +8

Blue +22
Black +10

then duplicate this 'selective color' layer and set to 33% opacity
so u will get something like this:

4) Now go to Layer-->New Layer Adjustment-->Curves
we going to work only with "Blue" one

this curve must look something like that:

and thats it!! you must get this:

Again it depends on pic so of course some options may vary but i hope i helped you somehow anyway :)

other my icons i made using this coloring

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